Eastern Shore

discussions w/ MomCat, [human] behavior 2015/07/30

when i talk about my hometown, those who know about the Baltimore/Washington metro area know that summers there are one long ‘hot, humid, and hazy with a chance of thundershowers.’ a few who have spent more than a day/week passing through also happen to know that it was a vast expanse of swamp before the European settlers came and built cities on it. so when we say hot and humid, we really mean hot and humid.

the Eastern Shore is all that hot, humid, sticky, with an extra large order of mosquitos, and then some. this is the piece of land on the other side of the Chesapeake Bay that is still mostly rural. there are a few quaint towns, some small farms, open expanses of forest and parkland, and a decidedly different set of politics.

it’s a beautiful place that i’ve experienced in small doses: i’ve been to Ocean City a few times, my mom used to take us camping on Assateague Island (the one with the wild horses!), and my father has recently found new love for kayaking along the Pocomoke River.






so what’s the big deal with this river? as you can see, it’s a lovely way to spend a lazy afternoon outdoors. but also, this river is lined with Cypress trees, which are known for having leaves high in tannins, tannins that turn the water tea-brown and kill mosquito larvae :-)

it was a perfect kind of lazy summer day! thank you daddy <3



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