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she helped paint this :-)

discussions w/ MomCat, graffiti 2015/09/10

so recall my little cousin was here over the summer for an internship. she was working with community groups in Berkeley and Oakland. well, one activity they participated in was painting a mural in the Fruitvale District in Oakland.




it was designed by a local artist, and community members came out to help put it up. then they had a block party to celebrate :-)


EB <3

graffiti 2015/08/11

one of my cousins was in the Bay Area this summer. she was here thanks to an internship that had her living in Berkeley and working in Oakland. of course i was excited to show her around! i took her to some of my favorite corners and eating holes. and because the community work she was doing was in Oakland, i did my best not to just swoop her over to the usual tourist traps in San Francisco. we spent most of our time together seeing/tasting/exploring Oakland and Berkeley in the East Bay. she even obliged my love for finding the freshest paint :-)



(mural in Berkeley, corner store on University Ave)

ahh yes, some much needed East Bay love!

Harlem mural

discussions w/ MomCat, graffiti 2015/06/23

small distraction last week (WARRIORS!!! :-D ), but i still have one last gem from my short weekend in NY to share. a mural in Harlem that was close to the apartment we stayed in. while i didn’t see a lot of spontaneous graffiti, i did spot a few murals like this one.






but so far that i noticed, they were only visible after the bodegas closed and pulled their metal doors down. next time i’ll have to take more after-dinner strolls to see if i can spot more :-)

love is the answer

graffiti 2015/06/15

as i mentioned, i didn’t see much street art. and while i chalked it up to only being there a few days, many friends commented that the city has really made efforts to clean up graffiti over the past few years. i can’t say this is a bad thing (who hates a clean city?), but a part of me was hoping to find some fresh designs. i found a few, and saw some familiar lines..







i had some thoughts about that one. could it be..?