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*kitty is now on Etsy!

*non 2014/09/16

i am very excited to announce that i’ve opened up shop on Etsy!

i have started with a select group of images – all of which are available in 8 x 10 inch and 11 x 14 inch sizes, on archive safe matte paper (Epsom Cold Press Natural – 340 gsm), and printed by LightSource here in San Francisco. if you’re interested in a particular image or size/format not listed, send me a note and i’ll find a way to make it happen ;-)

i’m really excited to have my photographs printed, and i’d love for you to check them out!


*kitty on Etsy |
questions & requests | scubakittys.revenge (at) gmail (dot) com

block party!

*non 2010/09/14

in CUBELAND!! :*D 

(makes sense, no? we work in cubes, our cubicle block threw a party…) *SIGH*

why? well, thats a long story. the short: a neighbor in our cube-block-area has to move, and we're sad to see her go, so we threw her a party :*) 

2010 9.14 block party 2 

2010 9.14 block party 3 

2010 9.14 block party

nothing too over-the-top. chips and salsa, those Hawaiian onion chips (*drool*), Sugar Bowl brownies (local specialty), home-made oatmeal cookies, apple cider, and later someone contributed fig newtons. simple things, yummy things.. things that kept us abuzz till about 1pm, when we simultaneously crashed back into reality. our friend would be gone in a day, and we still had loads of work to do. 

it's funny, making a point of celebrating our friend and our friendships made me realize the special bond that has grown between us. we were placed in our respective cubes simply because thats where our departments had space. but we lucked out, we found we actually get along. and well! 

so of course her move is quite sad. yes she's only moving a few cubes over, but who would we make silent understanding nods to when that certain someone had another open-door fight over the phone with his wife? who would understand why we needed to discuss The Situation each Friday morning (without judging!)? who would understand so well the right days when a donut run was necessary?? gaaahhhh! it won't be the same!!! 

the spectacle of our little soirée also made passersby pause. most took a moment to ask what was up, and take a cookie or a few chips. which then meant they also had a moment to chat – give us the latest from their department, home life, or offer theories on The Situation. it was nice :*) made us remember that though we're losing our good friend, she won't really be too far away. 

and the new guy? well, no pressure, but you have big shoes to fill!




UPDATE: new guy has whoopee cushion. good start..

‘i’m just here for the food!’

*non 2010/06/05

things i see aren't the only pieces of lore that have me entranced. i really am here for the food (ha! the size of my boo-tay can attest to that!). coming soon:

  1. lunch boxes (i really need to start cooking again.. MAYBE i start with grocery shopping?!)
  2. little bites! (*giggles* he eats the perfect little bite, one at a time.. all the way 'till the plate is done..)
  3. noted from JK (nearly a brother, he's studying french cuisine in Seoul over the next year. *sigh* one can only hope..!)
  4. ..and then there's this (below). surprisingly, he's got some interesting stuff in there :-P really!

2010 5.1 cooking wit coolio