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bean smoke!, [human] behavior 2015/07/09

we did more than just watch fireworks last weekend, we also drank lots of beer, made beer bread, and bbq’d stuff. this year we opted for a 5lb cut of sirloin from a butcher shop in the north bay (where cows are out standing in their fields – ha!). we smoked it for 5+ hours and not one neighbor was annoyed with our sidewalk setup. because we were out there for so long most happened by more than once, and they all cheerfully checked in on our progress :-)

the meat turned out beautifully! but since our party wandered off before it was ready to be served (*ahem* 5+ hours), a few of us were left with a large pile of leftovers.





the morning after it was just as delicious. a little hair-of-the-dog for your July 4th recovery? ;-)


4th of July

bean smoke!, discussions w/ MomCat, [human] behavior 2015/07/07

we’re a rowdy bunch, Americans. opinionated, entitled, empowered – and as much as some like to position those as negative qualities, there are others who rather enjoy what this inclination enables. out here in the wild west it’s as much about doing it your own way as it is live-and-let-live.

but i digress.. July 4th in San Francisco means everyone celebrates what it means to be American, the land of the free and all like that. we drink lots of beer, BBQ piles of deliciousness, and we blow sh*t up!








note: all this occurred in a weirdly maintained setting. i can’t explain how well these guys managed such a dangerous party! even the police seemed to be too busy with real work to bother to interrupt the festivities.


*video also available here.

4th of July on Bryant Street, Mission District, San Francisco.

are we lit?!

[human] behavior 2013/07/05

did you have a nice 4th of July? we did (though PG&E was a bit nonplussed..).

2013 7.4 Fireworks 20

fireworks, it seems, are something people in other parts of the world love to play with. my Guatemalan friend told me about how they’re used in the town he grew up in. they pretty much only use them for Christmas and New Years. at midnight they’ll fire off everything, which lasts about an hour, and then party till the sun comes up.

in the US we have nice enough displays, professionally organized with strict safety codes and all, any chance we get: New Years, 4th of July, baseball games, football games, summer festivals, any other kind of festival, etc etc. but in San Francisco (and anywhere else where large immigrant communities exist i’m sure) there are unofficial shows. sometimes these shows rival the official ones the local County puts on. we’ve gone to these before, street parties in the Mission District or Chinatown. this year we found ourselves at 19th and Bryant, where a DJ even set himself up inspiring a sort of midnight block party.

SFPD rolled through a couple times. usually after longer clusters of really loud explosions, as if they had to make a presence and make sure people didn’t get out of hand. everyone was respectful and polite. the police simply encouraged the dance party to move back onto the sidewalks, as cars were still driving through and they didn’t want anyone getting hurt (ha!). at one point 4 units rolled up in response to a fight, but when everyone pointed out the culprit, the  drunk old man was taken away leaving the rest of us to enjoy our evening.

2013 7.4 Fireworks 17

2013 7.4 Fireworks 12

2013 7.4 Fireworks 11

2013 7.4 Fireworks 24

2013 7.4 Fireworks 1

2013 7.4 Fireworks 8

2013 7.4 Fireworks 6

2013 7.4 Fireworks 4

2013 7.4 Fireworks 2

it was all fun and games, and no one lost any fingers :*)

2013 7.4 Fireworks 23

2013 7.4 Fireworks 21