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bean smoke!, [human] behavior 2015/07/09

we did more than just watch fireworks last weekend, we also drank lots of beer, made beer bread, and bbq’d stuff. this year we opted for a 5lb cut of sirloin from a butcher shop in the north bay (where cows are out standing in their fields – ha!). we smoked it for 5+ hours and not one neighbor was annoyed with our sidewalk setup. because we were out there for so long most happened by more than once, and they all cheerfully checked in on our progress :-)

the meat turned out beautifully! but since our party wandered off before it was ready to be served (*ahem* 5+ hours), a few of us were left with a large pile of leftovers.





the morning after it was just as delicious. a little hair-of-the-dog for your July 4th recovery? ;-)


summer summer!

bean smoke!, pour manger <3, [human] behavior 2012/06/01

i think i had something witty and cute to say about the start of summer. but what is there to say really? well, maybe, thank GOD it’s finally here! i need an excuse to be outside for long periods of time doing very little beyond getting a tan. or drinking beer. or finally getting in more surf lessons.. (goal: this summer i’m going to stand up for more than 10 seconds!)

we kicked off this summer with a birthday party, in a classic American way: beer, bbq and baseball..

2012 5.28 summer 3
2012 5.28 summer 5
2012 5.28 summer 4

..err, i don’t seem to have any pics from the game. the Giants won though ;*) as usual!





addendum, i DID take pics in the stadium :*)

2012 5.28 summer 8


dreams of bbq’ing past

[human] behavior 2010/09/07

it's hard to be motivated after a long weekend. to add insult to injury, we actually had fantastic weather *sigh* so making it in on time, errr actually, just waking up on time was rather difficult. all i could think of was immediately heading to the back deck with my book (i'm at a good part!!) and getting another hour of sun. hmmm! feels so good to have all that fresh air and sunlight!

right. must focus. 

:*P bah, nothing doing.. SO i'll just offer up some flashbacks from said glorious weekend. being that it was labor day weekend, and this is America, bbq pics are in order! :*D weeee!!!

2010 9.5 bbq 2

marinade: soaked in beer and herbs. juicy, with a hint of smokiness

i was recently at a wine tasting. one of the reds was rather robust, and so was suggested as an excellent pairing with bbq. i couldn't help myself (i was already a couple beers in): 'ha! what does that mean? what do you consider a proper bbq?' the guy giving the tasting laughed with me. apparently he had recently been in Alabama selling his wine and ran into the same question. 'whut do yaw mean bah bar-bee-que??' all the while giving him an intense stink-eye glare. 

it was a fair question, bbq'ing is a rather personal affair. how do you season your meat? how to cook it? how long? what do you cook it with? what do you serve it with? ahh, this is an endless topic. and here in the States there are so many ways to get it 'right.' sometimes, when you just want some spare ribs or chicken done just so, getting someone else's version of 'perfect' could break your heart.

last weekend, our cook got it right. our party consisted of people from all over the US. we were a well traveled group and versed in the art of bbq'ing (yes, food snobs!). no matter! juicy chicken on a bed of fresh arugula, garlic broccoli and spicy red rice did us all right. <3

2010 9.5 bbq 3

uhh, standard bbq fare, homemade guac 

2010 9.5 bbq 7

broccoli baked in garlic oil. *drool* i <3 veggies made right!

2010 9.5 bbq 5

spicy red rice, but cooked in a rice cooker (hehe, not just for asian rice!)

2010 9.5 bbq 6

the arugula with simple dressing – lemon, oil, salt, pepper, herbs..

2010 9.5 bbq 4

DESSERT!!!! can't be without, and what better way to end summer? S'MORES!! but, being a bbq in the People's Republic of Berkeley, we had our politically correct s'mores. i usually don't say this, but the organic version was so much better! those marshmallows have a flavor thats just a bit more than sugar.. the vanilla, OH and the texture! *drool*

ok, enough hippie rambling. :*P they were s'mores – melted sugar on chocolate and cookies is hard to screw up. more importantly:

2010 9.5 bbq ENO

waste not, want not. even Eno got dessert :*) ..did i mention how juicy that chicken was??